Sponsored content: Customers want easy and secure payments when booking holidays

Sponsored content: Customers want easy and secure payments when booking holidays

Backed by American Express, millions of transactions each month are initiated via Pay with Bank transfer

In a digital age, consumers expect to be able to book, pay for, order or organize almost anything online, and making a holiday or travel reservation is no exception.

According to 2023 ABTA figures, 83% of people booked their holidays online in the previous year, with 41% booking via their mobile. 

Clearly, consumers are motivated by convenience and are seeking out seamless experiences, but they are not willing to compromise on security. 

Pay with Bank transfer, an account-to-account payment method powered by American Express, commissioned research which found over a third (34%) of consumers that use telephone, app, or online banking are concerned about how secure their card details are when shopping for holidays online, and over a fifth (22%) said they would ‘abandon cart’ when shopping for holidays online if they don’t feel confident in the security of the payment.

With ABTA forecasting a sustained demand for both international and domestic travel in the year ahead despite economic challenges, conversion will be top of the priority list for travel businesses looking to optimise their online purchasing experience – with payment options an important final step in the customer journey.

Pay with Bank transfer is the easy way to pay. Customers don’t need to enter card details at checkout, and they can check their bank balance before making payment. The process is completed in a series of no more than five clicks.

Introducing new payment methods might feel like a risk to travel businesses but Pay with Bank transfer can be easily integrated into your existing payment stack, offering compelling processing fees and streamlined, real time reconciliation. 

This is backed up by significant appetite to try new payment methods from consumers too, with two fifths (41%) of those surveyed saying they’d try a new means of payment if it was more secure.

The flexible payment option, powered by American Express, has already worked for the likes of Hays Travel, Trailfinders and TravelUp, where it has proved to be a valuable asset.

Duncan Morgan, director of hotels and packages of TravelUp Group PLC, said: “Holidays are all about relaxation, and we want this to start from the very beginning of the journey – when the customer books the holiday. 

“While ensuring our customer’s payment details are secure throughout the entire process is priority number one, we want this to be coupled with an efficient journey for the customer too.”

He added: “Despite the advancements we’ve made to make payments even easier for our customers, such as prepopulated payment options, the added security of PSD2 checks creates friction in the process. In this light, Pay with Bank transfer is a great alternative as it offers customers a seamless journey without compromising on security. 

“We’re already seeing strong demand and positive reviews from our customers.”

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