TravelgateX reveals partnership with Xcale

TravelgateX reveals partnership with Xcale

Xcale's booking software will be accessible to TravelgateX's network

Travel connectivity solutions provider TravelgateX has announced its recent agreement with Xcale, a provider of consulting services and advanced booking engine software solutions.

The main objective of this strategic agreement is to provide Xcale with TravelgateX's network of clients and suppliers, making its booking software accessible to both blue chip companies and companies within the industry.

The partnership aims to redefine access to booking technology, to enhance efficiency and increase competitiveness for tourism businesses, both large and small.

"We are excited to collaborate with Xcale on this transformative project," said Pedro Camara, CEO of TravelgateX. 

"We believe that by combining our extensive network with Xcale's booking technology, we can democratize access to advanced booking solutions for companies of all sizes, thus promoting innovation and growth across the entire industry." 

The collaboration between TravelgateX and Xcale will make advanced booking solutions more accessible to a variety of companies, while it encourages "continuous innovation in the sector."

Santiago Reig, CEO of Xcale, said: "This agreement with TravelgateX is a step forward in our mission to make high-level booking technology accessible to a broader range of companies. 

"By merging our booking engine with the network of TravelgateX, we are able to offer unprecedented solutions in the market, opening up new opportunities for both established and emerging companies."

He added: "Through this agreement, both companies are setting a new standard in the travel industry, ensuring that businesses, from the largest to the smallest, have the necessary tools to compete and thrive in the global market.