Travelsoft Group acquires France’s L’Echo touristique publisher Eventiz Media Group

Travelsoft Group acquires France’s L’Echo touristique publisher Eventiz Media Group

Saas group Travelsoft to offer data and market insight to its clients

Eventiz Media Group, the owner of France’s leading travel trade publication L’Echo touristique, has been acquired by Travelsoft Group, the European leader in travel SaaS comprising the well-known brands Orchestra, Traffics, and Travel Compositor. 

Paris-based Eventiz is the owner of the France’s L'Echo touristique (founded in 1934),, Deìplacements Pros and Pagtour media. 

The media group alongside its publications, organises key events for the French tourism and business travel industry, including Travel d'Or, net Managers, les Lauriers du Voyage d'Affaires, les Tropheìes de l'innovation, le to.tec and A World For Travel. 

This acquisition is part of Travelsoft's long-term strategy to bring the benefits of the data processed by the group's platforms to market, in particular tourism offices, with services such as market analysis, monitoring and business intelligence. 

Eventiz's French language and market are said to be a "perfect fit" for Travelsoft, as one of its three business lines, Orchestra, has a neutral place in the market, making the acquisition a natural evolution of the services the group offers its clients. 

Freìdeìric Vanhoutte, founder of Eventiz Media Group, said: “Joining the Travelsoft Group will provide us with the resources to take our business to the next level. 

"The relationship with Travelsoft’s management team goes back many years and couldn’t be stronger, partnering many times for events and the Orchestra brand providing a regular industry barometer for L'Echo touristique. These are exciting times for Eventiz.” 

Christian Sabbagh, founder and CEO of Travelsoft, adds: “It's impossible to find a group of French-speaking travel brands with a richer history than Eventiz. 

"It is an honor to welcome professionals of the quality of the Eventiz staff to the Travelsoft Group, renowned and recognized in our industry. 

"We are always looking for new and innovative ways to add value for our clients. Eventiz will enable us to work with new and key players on the market, such as tourism offices, and will strengthen the value proposition of our services.”