It will come as no surprise that extras such as an inclusive breakfast, WiFi and a dip in the pool are important to hotel guests.

According to a recent survey by TripAdvisor, nearly a third of British travellers say they’ve cancelled their lodging reservations because they’ve found better facilities elsewhere.

But which facilities should you emphasise when marketing your property to travellers outside of the UK?

Travellers from the US, Italy and France make up the greatest volume of overseas originated searches for UK properties on TripAdvisor.

The following tips highlight which facilities to promote to each of these overseas guests, according to TripAdvisor’s survey of hotel travellers.

US Travellers: Wired for Wi-Fi and Loyalty Points

There’s no doubt about it, the number one most important facility for US travellers is Wi-Fi internet access. For many, it’s a deal breaker if you don’t offer it – 88% of them expect Wi-Fi Internet access to be free of charge in all accommodation types.

Moreover, 41% say they have never paid for Wi-Fi internet access and 65% said they have used free Wi-Fi internet in an accommodation’s reception or common areas to avoid paying for in-room access.

US travellers also hold guest loyalty points in very high regard, also coming in among their top three most important services. If you offer a loyalty programme, highlight this in your marketing materials targeting US travellers – you just might win a repeat guest.

Italian Travellers: Shuttle Services and Wi-Fi Go a Long Way

Like US travellers, Italians appreciate Wi-Fi internet access, mainly to stay connected with friends and family while they travel.

However, Italian travellers place nearly as much importance on shuttle services to local attractions and nearby airports.

According to TripAdvisor’s survey, both of these services were among Italian travellers’ top three most important facilities.

French Travellers: A Dip in the Pool and Fine Dining are Divine

French travellers appear to be much less concerned about Wi-Fi internet access, shuttle services and loyalty points.

According to French respondents, swimming pools and hotel restaurants are among their top three facilities.

Breakfast is Hot Everywhere

If there is one service that spans cultures, it is a warm, tasty breakfast in the morning – even better if it’s included in the booking price.

US, Italian and French travellers all said that this was among their top three most important facilities.

Since most hotels already offer breakfast, including it in the overall booking price can be a quick win to showcase some of the great selections you currently offer your guests, as well as the dishes you’re planning to add to the menu.

Inspiring images are a good way to show off delicious food and capture travellers’ attentions, whether they’re from US, Italy, France or elsewhere.


While hoteliers generally seem to be keeping pace with traveller preferences, the data reveals some potentially untapped opportunities to target overseas visitors with various facilities and services.

Showcasing the right facilities to the right group of travellers may just tip the balance in favour of one property over another.