Online Australian luxury travel provider launches in the UK

Online Australian luxury travel provider launches in the UK

Luxury Escapes' customers get travel experiences for less

Deals specialist travel company Luxury Escapes has announced it has entered the UK market.

The Australian-based company is a global leader in offering travel experiences for less.

It’s dominated the Australian luxury travel space for more than a decade and has has more than seven million global members.

Luxury Escape is free to become a member and its customers are said to get more value with every booking, granting travellers “up to 70% savings, a wealth of curated add-ons, and the assurance of round-the-clock customer support”.

Adam Schwab, global CEO of Luxury Escapes, said: “We are confident the expansion of Luxury Escapes into the UK market is not only an exciting moment for British consumers, but the UK travel industry as a whole. 

“Our team of experts curate and unlock exclusive offers consumers won't find anywhere else - allowing every traveller to experience the exceptional.”

He added: “What sets Luxury Escapes apart is that we are far more than a standard travel booking provider. 

“It is our unwavering commitment to provide our members with more. More luxury, more expertise, more value, more service and more hand-picked inclusions than anyone else, enabling our members to unlock incredible travel offers at unbeatable prices.”

Nicolaj Munch, VP Europe of Luxury Escapes, said: “We understand that organising a trip can be stressful and doesn’t always go to plan – which is where our team comes in. 

“With one of the highest Trust Pilot ratings of any travel business anywhere in the world, our members know that they can access incredible customer service and support day or night, wherever they are.”