HotelIQ unveils Enterprise View Dashboards to transform multi-property analysis

HotelIQ unveils Enterprise View Dashboards to transform multi-property analysis

Elevating data aggregation and analytics for enhanced commercial performance

Business intelligence and analytics platform HotelIQ has announced the launch of its new features in the company’s Decision Cloud solution.

Enterprise View Dashboards are six new dashboards, which include market segments, booking channels, room types, pick-up, pace and forecast & budget, to elevate multi-property data aggregation and analytics.

Designed for intuitive use, these dashboards offer users a comprehensive overview of a hotel group’s entire portfolio, allowing for both a broad panorama and a deep dive into granular details using HotelIQ Smart Search. 

This dual approach enables users to uncover valuable insights that were previously hidden in complex data sets, enabling them to filter data at the rate code level.

The data is necessary for informed decision-making and for increased overrall profitability and operational efficiency.  

Each dashboard is designed to cater to different aspects of multi-property management, offering varied perspectives and detailed analytics. 

HotelIQ offers three customisable filter slots; users can tailor these slots to highlight the information most crucial to their business, be it brand, region, owner, or other key metrics.

"The HotelIQ Enterprise View Dashboards mark a significant leap forward in multi-property data analysis," said Apo Demirtas, CEO & Founder of HotelIQ.

"Empowering our users with panoramic overviews and customisable filters will transform the way they analyze and interpret data, especially across multiple properties, resulting in improved commercial outcomes. 

"By offering nuanced insights and a user-friendly interface, these dashboards empower hoteliers to make informed decisions, optimize strategies and stay ahead in a competitive market."