Duetto Pulse: Positive vaccine news fails to bring light to bleak Lockdown picture

Duetto Pulse: Positive vaccine news fails to bring light to bleak Lockdown picture

Data from November 16 to 29 shows detrimental impact of travel restrictions imposed in Europe

The latest edition of the Duetto Pulse Report (November 16 to 29) shows the several lockdowns imposed across Europe over the last month have continued to have real and detrimental effects on the region’s hotel industry.

Second lockdowns in Germany, France and the UK came into force at the start of November in response to a severe hike in COVID cases.

Although most of these lockdowns have now ended, local lockdowns in parts of Germany and severe restrictions in several countries such as the UK and Ireland, have meant that the picture is still fairly bleak for the time being.

As the second COVID-19 wave swept across Europe, new reservations ceased. Despite the level of COVID cases since decreasing, bookings have continued to drop over the last two weeks.

A negative pick up variance of -125% for December, -48% for January and -85% for February was recorded as once again uncertainty is having a serious impact on travel plans across European countries.

The happy news of vaccination breakthroughs and the fact that roll out began in the UK on December 8 brought a touch of much needed optimism to the industry as it looks ahead to 2021.

Although this is yet to translate into new bookings, as the sector begins to understand the scope and timeline of further vaccination plans, it is able to put together a clearer picture of how Q2 and Q3 2021 could start seeing travel within Europe resuming somewhat.

Juan Ruano, Duetto’s Director of Hospitality Solutions for the EMEA region, said: “Despite the positive news surrounding vaccinations in Europe recently, it still seems that European travellers have given up somewhat on travel.

“Web shopping is up a little, but there’s just not the level of appetite for travel that other markets across the world, such as Latin America, are seeing at the moment. But it’s important to try and remain positive regardless.”

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