e-hoi appoints Cruisewatch to advance its level of customer support

e-hoi appoints Cruisewatch to advance its level of customer support

Europe's largest travel agency specialising in cruises, now records and analyses its customer contact

Customer interactions AI-solutions provider Cruisewatch.ai has announced that the largest European travel agency specialising in cruises e-hoi has selected its AI-powered voice and text analytics to enhance its customer experience.

The appointment of Cruisewatch.ai will allow e-hoi's customer inquiries to be automatically analysed for content and compiled into a user-friendly dashboard. 

The collaboration will then provide the travel agency with dashboard displays with information such as the reason for the call, resolution rate, and customer emotions, enabling transparency across different markets, and languages, including German, Dutch, French, Flemish and Swiss German.

The ability to efficiently handle customer inquiries in various languages and markets and support customers is of "utmost importance" and Cruisewatch.ai's AI-powered solutions will enable e-hoi to further optimise its already award-winning customer service as it will deliver "enhanced quality and response speed across all markets".

"Our collaboration with e-hoi demonstrates the scalability of our technology," said Markus Stumpe, CEO of Cruisewatch.ai. 

"We are excited to see how our cloud-based solution derives metrics across markets and helps to identify synergies and market specifics, as well as to derive concrete actions. 

"For onboarding, only access to the voice recordings is required; existing IT infrastructure does not need to be adjusted. The average onboarding duration is two days.”

Nicolay Merkt, Managing Director of e-hoi, said: "Excellent customer service is at the core of our commitment to our customers.

"Cruisewatch.ai helps us particularly through the aggregated summary of all conversation contents, including an automated in-depth analysis of the phone calls. 

"We are particularly impressed that the AI provides an accurate assessment of the sentiment of the conversation, allowing us to quickly identify which contacts need further analysis and what specific actions to take.”