Rail Europe expands train booking options in central & eastern Europe

Rail Europe expands train booking options in central & eastern Europe

Travellers can now choose from a number of routes serviced by RegioJet

Rail Europe has announced a partnership with the Czech Republic’s private rail provider, RegioJet, in turn offering travel opportunities to customers across Europe.

The collaboration marks a significant milestone in Rail Europe’s commitment to sustainable travel for all.

RegioJet - renowned for its extensive network linking major cities in the Czech Republic, as well as Central and Eastern Europe, such as Slovakia, Austria, Croatia, and Hungary - will now be accessible for bookings through Rail Europe's B2B platform including RailAPI, RailFlash and RailPortal. 

This integration expands the range of travel options available to Rail Europe’s customers, providing them with a convenient access to the largest inventory of European destinations available by train.  

"By integrating RegioJet's extensive network into our booking platform, we empower travellers to explore the beauty of Central and Eastern Europe with unparalleled convenience and comfort,” said Björn Bender, CEO of Rail Europe.

“In forging this strategic partnership with RegioJet, Rail Europe reaffirms its dedication to enhancing the travel experience for our customers by providing the largest inventory on the market".

Travellers can now choose from an array of routes serviced by RegioJet, including national routes such as Prague to Brno, Prague to Český Krumlov, Prague to Ostrava, as well as international routes such as Wien to Prague, Břeclav to Wien, Břeclav to Bratislava, and Gyor to Prague.  

Rail Europe has been in operation for 90 years and is headquartered in Paris, with offices around the globe.