OTA ranking booster Otamiser secures $3m for expansion

OTA ranking booster Otamiser secures $3m for expansion

New capital will support Otamiser’s plans to expand to 1,000 hotels

Otamiser, the world’s first OTA ranking management platform, has successfully raised $3 million in its first funding round.

The raise was led by early-stage venture capital firm Pitchdrive VC, under the expertise and leadership of Wim Derkinderen, Boris Bogaert, and KoenChristiaens. 

The new capital will support Otamiser’s plans to expand to 1,000 hotels and 100,000 short-term rentals worldwide, through expansion of its commercial team. 

Its solution connects revenue management with OTA ranking optimization, ensuring that properties secure top positions on OTAs while meticulously managing prices to unlock the full potential of every room. As a result, Otamiser customers see their occupancy rates increase by an average of 11% and their overall profits rise significantly by an average of 24%.

Bart-Jan Leyts, CEO and founder of Otamiser, said: “This raise is a testament to our innovative approach and the market’s need for our platform. While direct booking websites remain important, the reality is that nearly 75% of bookings now come through platforms like Booking.com, Expedia and Airbnb, and positioning on these platforms is crucial. There is a huge demand from hoteliers and property managers to rank higher on OTAs.

“With this new capital, we’re going to enhance our existing Otamiser data-driven tools, and launch a new AI-driven product for Airbnb operators. We will also expand our commercial team to capture market share quickly. 

We’re determined to transform the way the hospitality industry leverages online booking platforms. With Pitchdrive VC as our partner, we’re in the perfect position to ramp up our international expansion.”

Pitchdrive VC were joined by an array of investors, including Stijn Christiaens, co-founder of Collibra; Jacob Quartier, formerly of Showpad; Peter van Praet, founder of Bavet; Viktor De Maertelaere of Hospitality House hotel chain; LorenzBogaert, serial entrepreneur behind Netlog and StarApps; and the duo behind start-up Henchman, JornVanysacker and Gilles Mattelin.

Wim Derkinderen, co-founder of Pitchdrive VC, said: “From the first contact with Otamiser, we realised how much potential this team has. 

"Their relentless drive, vision and execution power (almost $2 million ARR accomplished fully bootstrapped) combined with their dedication is very uncommon and extremely promising. 

"They operate in the enormous market of hospitality with very big upwards potential. Pitchdrive is not only leading the first funding round of Otamiser but we’re also excited to support them into the next phase of growth.”

Korneel Defauw, co-founder and CRO of Otamiser, said: "Just having a website used to be enough in hospitality but now, if you don’t rank high, you can be dooming yourself to weak occupancy and rates forever. 

"On OTAs, around three-quarters of bookings can be claimed by the top 15 listings, so good positioning is, without question, one of the most important things an operator or property manager must achieve.

He added: “By securing those coveted top spots, we significantly increase our customers’ chances of attracting more bookings and maximizing revenue. This strategic advantage has become a key priority for everyone because the market today is so competitive.”