WeRoad encourages time spent outdoors with Out of Home marketing

WeRoad encourages time spent outdoors with Out of Home marketing

It has a new billboard overlooking Piccadilly Gardens in Manchester

Manchester takeover: WeRoad continues to dominate Manchester with a new addition to their already existent OOH campaign a giant billboard in the heart of Manchester overlooking Piccadilly Gardens

  • This is the 2nd campaign in Manchester for WeRoad and will run across 304 sites 

Group adventure travel firm WeRoad has unveiled its new activity in the northern city.

It is the second campaign in Manchester that is focused on out-of-home marketing, including a ‘get outdoors’ inspired campaign displayed across a Piccadilly billboard, overlooking the Piccadilly Gardens.

Through two different concepts, both campaigns use WeRoad’s signature witty copy to appeal to its target demographic. 

The first uses user-generated content showcasing real customers to inspire travellers to embrace adventurous group exploration with new-found friends, while the second and larger campaign challenges people to spend more time outdoors this year.

Since WeRoad’s successful UK launch in 2022, the company has created several OOH campaigns in the UK. 

This will be their second and largest campaign in Manchester, running from June 3-16, created in collaboration with creative agency DUDE London. 

WeRoad CMO Fabio Bin said: “WeRoad is about getting out and making new connections and new friends IRL (in real life). That's why we chose Manchester, a vibrant city to communicate our way of travelling and making new friends. 

"In the last few months, we have shown people travelling with us in all the corners of the world via a UGC, OOH campaign featuring real WeRoaders in real situations. 

"However, we are more than just a travel company, we are in the business of making connections. 

"We’re running and sponsoring events, gigs, and meetups throughout the city, where people can meet new people. 

"It's what happens on our tours:  travellers don’t only discover the beauty of a new country, and have amazing experiences, but also return with a bunch of new friends. With this billboard we want to recall that real life is out there: nothing happens if we stay in our comfort zone, nothing happens if we don't embrace the world. We are saying: go out. Go out of your homes, out of your country, out of your comfort zone, and embrace the word. The magic will happen then.”

WeRoad also holds events called WeMeets in local bars and pubs across the city, suprise intimate music concerts, and summer events in collaboration LGBTQ+ venue Feel Good Club.