John Lewis Finance research reveals 71% of UK adults planning a holiday in 2024

John Lewis Finance research reveals 71% of UK adults planning a holiday in 2024

UK adults plan to go on three holidays on average in 2024

Travel money provider John Lewis Finance has released new research that reveals almost three quarters of UK adults (71%) either already planning, or likely to go on a holiday in 2024.

On top of the 71% of Brits that want to go away, holidaymakers plan to go on average three holidays in 2024, with the most popular destination being the UK, with two in five (40%) planning a staycation this year. 

Spain is the second most popular destination, followed by France and the US.

The US was followed by Italy, Greece Portgual, Germany, Turkey and Canada in the top 10 travel destinations for 2024.

Beach holidays and city breaks were found to be the most popular types of getaways, with 40% of UK adults planning a beach holiday in 2024 and 39% heading on a city break. 

It found that two in five (19%) are planning on holidaying at an all-inclusive or resort holiday, making it the third most popular choice.

When it comes to accommodation choices, hotels are the most popular option for the vast majority (61%) of holidaymakers compared to just 13% opting for an Airbnb or homestay.

70% of UK adults always exchange foreign currency before traveling abroad for their holiday, with 79% finding that having local currency makes things more accessible while away. 

A third (33%) of UK adults have been caught short, unable to buy something while away as they didn’t have cash.

Matt Richardson, head of foreign exchange of John Lewis Finance, said: “Whether it’s a short trip to somewhere in the UK, or a trip further afield, having a holiday to look forward to can make all the difference when it comes to boosting your mood in the winter months.

“With so many beautiful areas to explore right on our doorstep, it’s really positive to see the UK feature so prominently in holidaymakers' travel plans this year.

“For those traveling further afield this year, we encourage all holiday makers to ensure that they don’t miss out on any incredible and authentic experiences such as dining or shopping in local markets by always carrying some local currency.”