Zamna agrees digital identity partnership with the Arab Air Carriers’ Organisation

Zamna agrees digital identity partnership with the Arab Air Carriers’ Organisation

The London-based travel and aviation software specialist's founder will speak at the airline organisation's upcoming AGM in Aby Dhabi

London-based digital intelligence software firm Zamna has signed a partnership programme agreement with the Arab Air Carriers’ Organisation (AACO).

The agreement will see Zamna’s digital identity technology made available to 34 of AACO’s airline members that operate in 19 countries in the MENA region.

The technology will enable the to validate a passenger’s ‘ready to fly’ status prior to airport arrival by completing document checks in advance.

Zamna said this will cut queues, streamline airline and airport processes, and improve operations cost effectively while avoiding regulatory fines.

The AACO helps its members to identify opportunities for working with solution providers who can optimise the relationship with their customers.

The partnership with Zamna began this year through AACO’s Digital Transformation Task Force (DTTF) initiative.

Zamna founder Irra Ariella Khi is due to speak about the future of digital identity at the upcoming 55th Annual General Meeting in Abu Dhabi on October 24-26.

Khi said: “With such a high commitment to outstanding practices and excellence, breaking into the MENA region is notoriously tough, having seen many businesses try and fail. That’s why I’m delighted to have formed a strategic industry partnership with AACO. 

“In what I believe will be game-changing technology for the region, we offer a unique opportunity to bring Zamna’s capabilities to airlines that are not only hungry to innovate, but also have the ability to lead the way the industry innovates.

“Kicking off the partnership at AACO’s 55th AGM, I'm looking forward to representing Zamna and am honoured to be chosen as one of just two innovation companies speaking.”

AACO Secretary General, Abdul Wahab Teffaha, said: “At AACO we play a key role in shaping an evolving aviation industry. 

“This means we are highly committed to bringing innovation into the region and ensuring that the airlines we represent lead the way, not just in digital transformation in general, but in particular, digital identity. 

“This is where Zamna joining us as our digital identity industry partner will be instrumental and why we’re very happy to have them onboard.”

Zamna’s technology, which has been adopted by international airlines such as WestJet, works in the background to prove that a passenger’s passport and other travel data is correct and trustworthy. 

The digital intelligence technology comes with a suite of capabilities that enables airlines to respond swiftly to a change in regulatory requirements mandated by governments in any destination.