Travolution Summit 2023: How not to be disrupted by the Web 3.0 revolution

Travolution Summit 2023: How not to be disrupted by the Web 3.0 revolution

Come to our annual conference in London on February 28 and hear from digital guru and author Graham Cooke on why you must integrate your business with the next-gen internet and not ignore it or fight it

Delegates at this year’s Travolution European Summit will hear how the next generation of internet technology is already disrupting traditional business models.

The annual travel technology conference, that will take place on February 28 at The Brewery in London, will end with a keynote from Graham Cooke, digital entrepreneur, e-commerce expert and author.

His book, Web3 The End Of Business-As-Usual, was published last November and sets out what the future looks like as Web 3.0 protocols establish a new and more decentralised foundation for businesses and society. 

The book recounts the history of the internet from its early emergence as a play thing of technologists to the giant consumer-grade platform it is today dominated by the most profitable and valuable companies in history.

It explains how, just as in the 1900s, we are again on the cusp of another technological revolution driven by developments like blockchain, NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens), Decentralised Autonomous Organisations (DAOs) and the metaverse that will disrupt business, media, capital, talent and operations.

Cooke says: “Over the last 30 years the internet has changed almost every moment of our daily lives from how we communicate, how we travel, to how we finds things.

“The next generation of the internet will completely disrupt how we come together to create products and services, entertainment, financial services, our economies, even governance structures.

“As a business leader you need to prepare for this change. If you business is to prosper in this new economy it has to start working alongside web3 in an on-chain/off-chain hybrid. Business-as-usual will not disappear overnight but web3 has already created a multi-billion dollar alternative economy.

“Business leader can either ignore it, fight it, or figure out how to integrate with it.”

Cooke previously worked for Google on digitally-driven intelligent e-commerce solutions before founding his own London-based agency Qubit in 2010 which worked with a number of leading travel brands.

In 2021 he sold Qubit to Coveo, for whom he worked as a strategic advisor until December 2022. He is a non-executive director of ITV and is founder of a stealth start-up helping creative talent in the music industry with Web 3.0 marketplaces.

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