Travel startup Layla acquires AI-powered itinerary builder Roam Around

Travel startup Layla acquires AI-powered itinerary builder Roam Around

Move will see Layla integrate itinerary building into its offerings

Travel discovery and booking platform Layla has announced the acquisition of Roam Around, a AI-powered itinerary creation platform.

Layla - which was founded last year by Saad Saeed, co-founder of European grocery delivery service Flink and Jeremy Jauncey, founder of video-led travel app Beautiful Destinations - is backed by three prominent travel juggernauts.

Andy Phillips, co-founder of; Barry Smith, co-founder of Skyscanner; Brent Hoberman, co-founder of and celebrity Paris Hilton, all back the app.

Though how much the deal was closed for hasn’t been made public, the acquisition will see Layla’s technological capabilities and offerings improve.

Roam Around, which was founded in 2023, has said its systems have already created more than 10 million itineraries.

This move will bolster Layla’s mission to “seamlessly integrate social media inspiration with comprehensive trip planning and booking capabilities”.

"Our acquisition of Roam Around underscores Layla's unwavering commitment to reimagining travel discovery through cutting-edge technology," said Saeed.

"By integrating Roam Around's intelligent AI Itinerary technology into our platform, we aim to further progress the future of travel planning, and deliver exceptional value to our users."

Jauncey added: "With Roam Around onboard, Layla is primed to solidify its position as the leader in AI travel discovery.

“Our goal is to empower travellers with the tools they need to seamlessly translate social media inspiration into unforgettable travel experiences, all in one place."