2024 Peaks proves to be record breaking for My Booking Rewards

2024 Peaks proves to be record breaking for My Booking Rewards

Agents earn £50,000 in rewards and supplier sales hit £80 million in revenue

Market leader in agent rewards and incentives, My Booking Rewards (MBR), has celebrated a record-breaking Peaks 2024 as figures show UK agents earned more than £50,000 in tangible rewards. 

From the period 15 December 2023 until 31 January 2024, over 13,000 bookings were logged via the site, and MBR suppliers saw record returns with a combined sales revenue of £80 million. 

This record-breaking start to the year has seen agents boost their earning power considerably, as they reap the benefits of additional income in the form of cash, free room nights, FAM trip places and more. 

Marking another year-on-year increase, 2024 Peaks is up significantly on 2023’s figures, which saw £37,000 in agent rewards earned, 10,000 bookings logged and £63 million secured in supplier sales revenue. 

Offers are still available for eligible bookings logged before February 29, 2024. 

MBR has also seen more than 500 new agents register this year already.

Darren Pearson, CEO of My Booking Rewards, said: “Year on year MBR is seeing record Peaks figures, not just in the UK but on a global scale. We’re delighted to have helped so many agents boost their earning potential by tapping into our unique rewards led formula, which also enables our suppliers to generate increased ROI for their businesses. 

“An integral part of our strategy is to support the agent-supplier relationship with increased earning power and Peaks is no different. 

"As an MBR member, agents not only have the opportunity to grow their rewards revenue – in some cases even double it – but suppliers also reap the benefits of incentivising bookings logged. 

"This sits alongside the ability to educate and be educated via webinar training and a full marketing suite of additional information.”