TripAdmit launches TipDirect App for tipping and reviews

TripAdmit launches TipDirect App for tipping and reviews

The new standalone app will streamline this part of business for tour guides

TripAdmit has unveiled its TipDirect App, a mobile app designed to streamline tipping and reviews for tour guides.

TipDirect has already achieved significant success, providing a digital solution for tour guides across Europe and North America to collect tips and reviews in person at the end each tour. 

The introduction of the TipDirect App mirrors our new cashless society by providing a cashless solution for tipping. 

Tour guides can now receive tips from customers via their mobile devices, while customers can make instant payments directly to the tour guide’s designated bank account by simply scanning a unique QR code. 

This process is promised to be fast, secure, and transparent for both the guest and guide, by TripAdmit.

It offers a comprehensive user dashboard where guides can update their profiles in real-time. 

The app’s payment functionality records all earnings and recent transactions, presenting income trends in an easy-to-understand format. 

One of the standout features for guides of TipDirect is its instant payout system. 

Guides receive real-time payments as soon as the transaction is made with its instant payout system.

TipDirect is first to market with its AI-assisted review capability, utilising OpenAI’s ChatGPT so guests can write their reviews independently or with some AI assistance. 

The platform and app include features for tour upselling, allowing activity providers to promote additional tours and boost sales. 

The social connect feature helps enhance social media presence by engaging with guests who have already shown interest in the services.

John Maguire, co-founder and CEO of TripAdmit, said: “We are excited to introduce the TipDirect App. 

"The app is intuitive and user-friendly, ensuring that guides receive tip payments immediately upon transaction completion. In our cashless world, we are dedicated to supporting tour guides who rely on tips for their invaluable services.”

He added: “Our development team has created a powerful app that ensures mobile tipping is as fast as cash, but far more convenient and secure. 

"TipDirect will enhance the overall traveller experience while maximizing earning potential for tour guides, allowing them to focus on delivering exceptional experiences for their customers.”