TourReview analysis reveals American and Asian tourists reshape market

TourReview analysis reveals American and Asian tourists reshape market

Operators must adapt to emerging long-haul travel trends from the US and Asia

As the high season kicks off in northern hemisphere tourism destinations, leading review platform for tours and activities, TourReview, has conducted an in-depth analysis of the latest trends in the sector. 

This summer promises to be slightly different from the last, as American and Asian tourists begin to fly long haul again, introducing new dynamics to the market.

According to TourReview's analysis, tour and activity operators need to adapt to this emerging pattern. Long-haul travellers, particularly from the US and Asia, tend to book activities further in advance compared to other tourists.

TourReview recommends that operators take immediate steps to adapt to these changes, such as offering early bird discounts and ensuring clear communication about booking policies and availability.

This shift necessitates a proactive approach from operators to ensure high customer satisfaction and avoid the pitfalls of last-minute bookings, which can lead to poor reviews if not managed properly. 

By aligning their strategies with the preferences of long-haul travellers, operators can enhance their reputation and secure positive reviews during this pivotal summer season.

Amigo Tours, a travel company that offers tours, activities, and transportation all over the world and is a key partner client of TourReview, said: "Mexico has traditionally been a favourite international destination for American travellers. 

"However, recently, and most importantly this year, we have seen a slight decline compared to last year. Americans are diversifying their travel destinations, exploring long-haul destinations in European cities like London, Paris, Madrid, and Barcelona, as well as Asian destinations.”

In line with this trend, Christian Landis, general manager of Best of Switzerland Tours, also reports a decrease in American tourism in Switzerland, as they are diversifying in other European countries, and an increase in Asian travellers

He said: “I can confirm that we continue to see growth this year, though not as robust as our record year in 2023. 

"Compared to last year, we have seen around 5% overall growth across our products. This shift might be due to fewer US customers (still our number one market) and a continued rise in guests from Asia.”

A few days ahead of the 4th of July celebrations in the US, Juana Muro, COO of TourReview, said: "American tourists are increasingly diversifying their destinations. 

"They tend to travel as families, take trips to planned events, seek outdoor experiences, actively learn about the culture of the places they visit, and be the protagonists of their own trip." 

Regarding the Asian traveller, she said: "Relaxed visa requirements play a significant role in attracting Chinese tourists, and the intention to travel outbound has grown, with increased attention on long-haul destinations. 

"APAC travellers are also shifting their focus from spending on tangible goods to intangible experiences when travelling. Top travel destination features include relaxation and local immersion that offer excellent value for money with diminishing importance for shopping.”

On the long-haul trend, Muro added: "With the resurgence of long-haul travel from the US and Asia, the industry is poised for a dynamic shift. 

"Operators must embrace this change by encouraging early bookings and enhancing their customer service strategies. 

"Proper planning and management can turn these trends into opportunities for growth and excellence. 

"All the effort made to satisfy those markets will surely be rewarded with very good reviews and an excellent reputation for the operator, which will translate into higher sales and better revenues."