Webcast: Getting your brand noticed on broadcast and from space

Webcast: Getting your brand noticed on broadcast and from space

Pioneer of the ‘Spelfie’ and founder of Broadcast Revolution discuss travel’s virtual future

How brands and destinations can get themselves noticed on broadcast channels and even from space was discussed at this week’s ANTOR annual meeting.

The tourist board association ran this year’s event online due to the COVID-19 crisis bringing in specialist speakers to address members on key topics.

Travolution executive editor Lee Hayhurst chaired the opening session featuring Chris Newlands, whose company has invented the Spelfie.

This is an image taken from space by a satellite that users can attach to social media posts to share with networks when they are at major events.

Newlands says destinations and major events can use Spelfie’s to create viral user generated content that is more cost effective than creating and distributing themselves via third party platforms.

The second speaker, Phil Caplin, founder of Broadcast Revolution, spoke about how video content and broadcast media is more trusted than traditional print media.

And he explains how brands should look to use their own in-house experts as spokespeople and develop multi-channel media strategies with video packages adapted to different outlets.

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