Travel trends insights subscription service launched by OTA group eDreams ODIGEO

Travel trends insights subscription service launched by OTA group eDreams ODIGEO

Data comes from 21 billion anonymised customer interactions, says Opodo parent

OTA group eDreams ODIGEO is making market trends available to tourism organisations to help them plan for the rebound of the sector.

The service will provide analysis of over 21 billion anonymised customer interactions with brands in the group.

The firm said this is primarily to support tourist boards, policy makers and local governments “to develop visitor experience strategies on a local, regional and national level.”

The eDreams data provides insight on travel supply and demand trends, consumer preferences and travel habits.

Zaida Salie, director media services and partnership at eDreams ODIGEO, said: “Our unique insights on travel trends and customer behaviour are a vital tool to help countries understand how to effectively target audiences and regain market share in a competitive space, especially in the post COVID19 era.

“The unique data insights we can provide to tourist boards and policy makers ensures brand and marketing is precisely aligned with a traveller’s mindset, helping to secure booking conversions and boost local spend.

“We are constantly leveraging our tech capabilities and extensive data insights to create products that provide travellers and destinations with an improved travel experience.”

The Opodo parent says its data can help users “make informed decisions to support their tourism strategy from branding to conversion, helping to focus marketing efforts and attract more travellers, ultimately boosting the local and national economy”.

The firm added: “This summer several partners utilised eDreams ODIGEO’s travel insights to help secure a competitive advantage and rebuild tourism following the global travel restrictions due to Covid-19.

“For example, a European tourism agency used the data trends to create a campaign focused on three key audience groups.

“Insight from the data led to the creation of a collateral campaign focused on different USPs of the destination, such as the cultural, retail and entertainment attractions that would resonate with these audience groups with the aim of increasing bookings and stay duration in the city.

“The successful campaign resulted in an 18% year on year increase in the average length of stay in the city.”

The new data insights service is available to partner organisations on a subscription basis depending on the data insights required.