Flight-free travel company Byway launches carbon labelling for every trip

Flight-free travel company Byway launches carbon labelling for every trip

At-a-glance carbon pricing added to trips, with air and car travel comparisons

Flight-free travel company Byway has released a new carbon labelling feature to give its customers more visibility into the CO2 impacts of their overland holidays by train, bus and ferry. 

The new feature comes after data from a survey, conducted recently by Byway and OnePoll, showed that 42% of UK holidaymakers are looking to find alternatives to flying to reduce their carbon footprint. This rises to 65% for Londoners and 61% for Gen Z travellers. 

As UK holidaymakers become more concerned about the carbon footprint of their travel habits, Byway’s new feature will allow travellers to make choices based on carbon and “increase visibility into how individual actions add up”.

Byway’s carbon prices include the carbon cost of all transport and accommodation and show a comparison with the carbon emissions of flight-based travel over a similar distance.

Cat Jones, founder and CEO of Byway, said: "We've launched carbon labelling to allow our customers to weigh carbon costs as readily as monetary ones when choosing holidays. 

“Our at-a-glance flight-comparison feature shows the scale of the carbon savings made by choosing flight-free for specific trips (For example, -80% for one week in Spain and -82% for two weeks in Croatia) and we hope it will inspire more people to swap flight-based holidays for joyful multi-stop overland journeys."