Navan enables NDC content from 10 Airlines

Navan enables NDC content from 10 Airlines

Navan unlocks access to key flag carriers across the region

Travel management platform Navan has announced NDC content from 10 airlines across Europe for a “better overall shopping experience for travellers”.

Travellers can now access NDC content from the likes of Air France, British Airways, Finnair, Lufthansa and Swiss International Air Lines.

As more airlines remove content from GDS EDIFACT channels customers without access to NDC are left paying a premium. Navan EU data showed that across the UK and Europe, the potential savings opportunity from NDC adoption can reach up to 12% depending on the airline, due to a combination of avoided GDS surcharges and price gaps with EDIFACT channels, with fares up to 35% lower than traditional GDS offerings.

Customers might miss up to 57% of fares published by an airline if not sourced via NDC or online/web-direct channels, based on route and carrier.

"Navan is committed to providing the best travel and expense solution to its customers around the world,” said Michael Riegel, GM of Navan in Europe.

“That said, Europe is a complex region to navigate due to the sheer volume and type of supply that TMCs must support.

“Over the past two years, we’ve invested heavily in the region, creating deeper connections with partners to ensure local supply options at the best possible price — without compromising on the user experience.

“Thanks to those efforts, Navan is now poised to lead the NDC charge.”

With expansion in Europe a continued priority for Navan, in August 2023, the company recorded nearly 2x booking value year-over-year in EMEA.

To support the influx of demand from new customers and multinationals such as Unilever, Hello Fresh, SumUp, and Payfit, Navan’s Paris and London teams have more than doubled in size since 2022.