On-the-gate airport parking bookings down to just 3%

On-the-gate airport parking bookings down to just 3%

Figure falls from 25% in 2020 to just 3% as of 2024

New data released from Holiday Extras has found that British travellers "barely" book on-the-gate and on-the day airport parking as of 2024.

British travellers barely book ‘on the gate and on the day’ for airport parking as of 2024, new data has found1

Research by the UK’s leading provider of holiday extras including airport parking, airport hotels and airport lounges, found that just 3% of Brits still pay on the day for airport parking. 

This is a marked decrease from previous years, which saw many travellers making upfront payments, often for much higher prices.  

Holiday Extras first surveyed its customers in 2016, when 18% of customers were reported to purchase their airport parking on the day they travelled. 

This statistic rose to 25% during 2020, as people made their travel plans at the last minute to avoid destination closures and test results. 

Now, its found that in 2024, at 3%, this figure is the lowest it has been in 10 years.  

The low figure comes as travellers are understanding how much money they can save by booking their airport parking in advance. Last year, Holiday Extras customers saved an average of £191 per trip by booking their airport parking in advance. The firm is now reminding customers that even if a trip is a spur of the moment booking, there are usually savings to be had, even from booking just one day in advance.  

David Norris, chief growth officer of Holiday Extras, said: “We’ve been campaigning for people to understand the benefits of booking early for at least ten years, so we’re delighted to see that people are booking their airport parking in advance and saving money for the holiday.  

“Last year most of our customers saved at least £125 on their parking by booking ahead, and every time they do that’s money they can spend on flights, meals, treats, and seeing the sights while they’re away.”