Vueling utilises Cover Genius InsurTech to customise its travel protection

Vueling utilises Cover Genius InsurTech to customise its travel protection

Companies scaling travel protection for +30 million passengers globally

Vueling and Cover Genius Lean on Technology to Customize Travel Protection

Insurtech provider Cover Genius Spanish low-cost airline Vueling have announced an exclusive travel protection partnership that will help protect more than 30 million travellers. 

This partnership leverages the insurtech's existing global technology capabilities to help the Spanish low-cost carrier scale across countries.

The comprehensive travel protection can cover travellers across various events such as medical emergencies, or cutting journeys short and stolen baggage. 

The medical protection covers policyholders for COVID-19 or other illnesses or injuries while traveling internationally, while flights and accommodations can also be covered in case of trip cancellations. 

Its trip cancellation protection begins immediately from the date of purchase and includes pre-existing medical conditions and COVID-19 related cancellations.

Vueling has set ambitious plans to expand its digital offerings through its website and mobile app as part of its Vueling Transform program. 

To help with these efforts, this new solution, powered by Cover Genius’ global distribution platform, XCover, will be from the initial sale through to administration to claim payment, directly within the online customer journey.

“Today’s modern traveler is digital-first and wants convenient, tailored protection delivered in the right place, at the right time and at the right price,” said Peter Smith, vice president, strategic partnerships - travel, EMEA of Cover Genius. 

“Our AI and NLP technology helps customize the online experience for travelers in real-time, allowing our partners to adapt their offerings accordingly. 

"By working directly with Vueling, we can create solutions that are specific to their customer needs and focus on scaling them at the same pace as their expansion journey.”

This announcement aligns with findings from a global travel insurance survey, conducted by and commissioned by Cover Genius, which shows customers were most satisfied when they purchased travel protection directly from their travel provider or airline. 

The results found that 69% of EMEA travellers - which included the UK, Spain, Germany, Italy, France, Netherlands, Sweden, Russia and the UAE - prefer to purchase travel insurance directly from their airline or travel agent for their next trip.

It also revealed that more than 52% of respondents also claimed that they would want to receive travel coverage from this source due to ease and convenience. 

Tanner Huysman, director, e-commerce, ancillaries & loyalty of Vueling, said: “Vueling remains committed to serving our customers with options to customize their trip how they see fit in order to get the best value. 

"We've partnered with Cover Genius, a travel insurance provider with a large focus on customer satisfaction to give our clients the option to protect from the unexpected.”