eSIM Go partners with Lufthansa Group to deliver on-brand global eSIM services

eSIM Go partners with Lufthansa Group to deliver on-brand global eSIM services

eSIM Go's Powered by Breeze solution will be used by Lufthansa, Austrian Airlines and Brussels Airlines

eSIM provider eSIM Go has announced its partnership with Lufthansa Group (LHG) to provide eSIM mobile data services to passengers across four of its airlines. 

The news, announced today at FTE EMEA in Dublin, comes after the success launch of a SWISS eSIM service earlier this year, LHG is committed to replicating the model for Lufthansa, Austrian Airlines and Brussels Airlines.

Each will be enabled by eSIM Go’s fully managed Powered by Breeze solution for its travellers.

Bill McKimm, VP travel of eSIM Go, said: “We’re really excited to be partnering with Lufthansa Group and playing a key role in their strategy to champion the end-to-end passenger travel experience. 

"As the hottest category in airline ancillaries for years, branded travel eSIMs are a great opportunity to increase customer value both in revenue but also in terms of added loyalty, and the platform they create for other core and ancillary services.”

eSIM Go already has established partnerships in place with numerous airlines including Wizz Air and Icelandair, as well as airports such as Sydney Airport (SYD) and Fraport Group, incorporating Frankfurt (FRA), among others.

Johann-Philipp Bruns, vice president ancillary, partner and retail of Lufthansa Group, said: “This partnership with eSIM Go will give seamless and hassle-free access to mobile data plans to many more customers in 2024, providing them with a more affordable alternative to traditional data roaming. 

"Whether traveling for business or leisure, staying connected is an increasingly important part of the travel experience for our customers.”