AMEX GBT sits down with UK Department of Transport to ask government for SAF scaling support

AMEX GBT sits down with UK Department of Transport to ask government for SAF scaling support

Roundtable is one of the first times government will discuss SAF with corporate travel

Leading B2B travel platform Amex GBT and BritishAmerican Business will today sit down to have a roundtable discussion on scaling Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) in the UK, in partnership with the UK Department for Transport.  

The roundtable, chaired by the Rt Hon. Anthony Browne, minister for aviation and decarbonisation of transport, is one of the first times the government is sitting down with corporate travel to discuss SAF.

Senior representatives from investors, producers, and OEMs will also be in attendance, with the roundtable set to discuss talking points such as what are the opportunities and challenges in accessing SAF at present and what are the opportunities and challenges to scaling up SAF availability long term from the perspectives in the room. 

Amex GBT and BritishAmerican Business hope to also get answers on what should the landscape look like in future to enable greater access to and investment in SAF.

At the same time, the B2B travel platform has announced its SAF manifesto asks of UK government ahead of this year’s general election.

It urges the government to create a stable policy landscape that supports the scaling of SAF through clear and consistent accounting and reporting standards (Book & Claim) and enable and encourage SAF through research and development of different types of it. 

Finally, the firm hopes for the Department of Transport to prioritise renewable fuel production for hard to electrify sectors such as aviation. Al

Crawley said: “The corporate travel sector has a crucial role to play in scaling the UK’s sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) industry. Businesses can help kickstart this emerging market by procuring SAF through book and claim programmes and investing in new technologies. 

"However, effective government policy is vital to unlocking private sector action. Continuing this open dialogue between government and industry stakeholders is going to be key to achieving net zero aviation by 2050.”

Browne, MP, said: “As the world continues to combat climate change, aviation will play a vital part in reaching net zero and the development of sustainable aviation fuel is leading the flightpath towards a cleaner way to travel.

“With support from the Government’s £135m Advanced Fuels Fund and upcoming SAF mandate, the UK continues to be a global leader in SAF, but collaboration with the private sector is key to unlock investment and build a UK SAF industry. 

"That’s why conversations like today’s are vital, to ensure we can reduce emissions while helping people to connect in a way that is fit for the future.”

Duncan Edwards, CEO of BritishAmerican Business, added: “It is crucial for us to realise the pressing need to scale sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) as part of our collective efforts to meet ambitious net-zero goals. The aviation sector plays a significant role in global emissions and recognises its responsibility to drive meaningful change. 

“Working together across government and business, the UK and the US have an opportunity to play a leading role in implementing policies that incentivise investment in SAF production, distribution and widespread adoption.”