W Barcelona reports 60% increase in guest spend following IRIS’ mobile ordering solutions implementation

W Barcelona reports 60% increase in guest spend following IRIS’ mobile ordering solutions implementation

Results come after upgrading its mobile ordering capabilities with IRIS’ hospitality app

The 5-star hotel W Barcelona has unveiled strong results after its recent partnership with digital F&B and guest experience platform provider IRIS, to offer a broader digital ordering experience resulting in a boost in revenue and efficiencies. 

It selected both IRIS' mobile dining solution to deliver an in-room dining service to its guest’s doors as well as its digital guest directory solution to provide all guests with direct access to hotel and local area information, whilst at the same time maximising revenue and profits. 

The luxury hotel has reported significant results since implementation. 

It has achieved a 60% increase in average guest spend across all operations via mobile dining compared to traditional dining. 

More specifically, since deploying digital dining, 35% of all F&B room service orders are now placed digitally, accounting for nearly half (46%) of all revenue. 

Martin Daniel Voštiar, B&F coordinator of W Barcelona, said: “Guests appreciate the ease and efficiency of serving themselves and enjoy the convenience of being able to access information wherever they are, in their own time – they are fully in control of their experience.

“The IRIS app is a convenient and holistic tool that ensures guests have all the information at their disposal and the ordering and booking process is as seamless and enjoyable as possible.

"Remarkably intuitive, it boasts a user-friendly interface that’s easy to navigate and manage. Considering the increase in guest spending through online orders, it’s undeniably delivering a substantial return on our investment.

Operationally, the team has reported significant improvements in efficiencies and guest service management. 

In-room dining has reduced the workload for its “Whatever/Whenever” team who previously took all room service orders over the phone. 

They said they now have more time available to focus on other aspects of their role and enhance guest service, particularly during peak times when phone lines are congested, eliminating the need for guests to wait on hold to place an order. 

It has also assisted the In-room dining team, allowing them to "concentrate solely on preparing and delivering orders more efficiently".  

Alongside mobile dining and ordering, the digital guest directory means guests can easily access information on the hotel facilities, fitness classes, special events and what’s on in the local area. 

Guests can also download a range of newspapers and magazines, book appointments at the Spa, barber and Tattoo Studio, and view information on the hotel’s services and sustainability policies. 

Overall, the hotel has received positive feedback from guests, especially during peak times when staff are busy.

It has heavily invested in promoting the app (accessible via QR codes) at check-in to ensure guests are provided with "complete and accurate information" on its facilities and services in the "most convenient" way possible.  

As it's multi-lingual, it delivers a "consistent experience" for guests, regardless of their nationality and reduced guest wait times with a direct integration to the Micros POS. 

Voštiar added: “Following its success we are now planning to extend digital dining in 2024 to our Salt Beach Club. Guests will be able to access digital menus via QR codes printed on the sun beds.

"They will be able to place their order, have a dip in the sea and return to their lounger with their order waiting for them and we look forward to fulfilling this enhanced guest experience next year.”