RoomRaccoon announces first integration with self-service kiosk solution Roommatik

RoomRaccoon announces first integration with self-service kiosk solution Roommatik

RoomRaccoon’s global users can benefit from the direct API integration

Hotel management system firm RoomRaccoon has announced its integration with self-service kiosk solution provider Roommatik.

This is the first kiosk integration available to RoomRaccoon users, "revolutionising" the guest experience and "empowering" hoteliers with a 24/7 open front desk.

The two-way integration facilitates the exchange of vital guest data, including check-in and check-out information, room availability and billing details, from RoomRaccoon's PMS to Roommatik's kiosk, in real-time. 

By incorporating additional services such as upselling and room upgrades, hoteliers can transform Roommatik into a 24/7 service provider said to enhance the overall guest journey and increasing revenue. 

Juan Vila, CEO of Roommatik, said: “At Roommatik, we take pride in offering highly adaptable kiosks that cater to the unique requirements of each establishment in the hospitality industry. 

"We are proud to team up with RoomRaccoon to take hotel operations to the next level. This partnership seamlessly integrates to deliver an enhanced, innovative, and personalized experience for guests.

Steven Reffin, head of partnerships of RoomRaccoon, said: “This is a valuable new addition to the RoomRaccoon Marketplace.

“The integration empowers boutique hotels operating with a smaller team to provide a 24/7 open front desk without physically being on-site. 

"This is a game-changer for small hotels where operating a full-time front desk is not viable due to the huge personnel costs."

He added: "What’s more, Roommatik's kiosk solution supports an impressive array of 21 different languages, ensuring that language barriers are a thing of the past."

The RoomRaccoon and Roommatik integration is now available to hoteliers worldwide.