Quendoo launches new optimisation software for UK hospitality sector

Quendoo launches new optimisation software for UK hospitality sector

Operators can grow revenues and profitability by creating own ‘tech stack’

Hospitality optimisation software specialist Quendoo has announced it is launching in the UK, for hoteliers, tour operators and travel agents.

Its booking engine, channel manager and other integrated systems are cloud-based and built in house with third-party integration of Google Hotels, Opera PMS (Oracle) and Clock PMS+.

For hoteliers, these tools enable direct guest access to live availability and instant synchronisation of marketing channels, offering opportunities to upsell, improve the guest journey, and increase revenue.

Christophe Gater, co-founder of Quendoo, said: “All hotels use software to manage prices and availability, but many lack real-time connectivity to distributors, marketing channels and payment systems; this restricts their profit and growth. 

"Quendoo offers hoteliers the opportunity to access and profit from real-time bookings, maximising the value of each booking and retaining the customer relationship.

“It’s surprising how many UK hotels still don’t have a booking facility on their website, instead relying on OTAs. This leaves too many industry professionals handing over profits and manually logging bookings," he said.

"Our optimisation tools enable hoteliers to take back control of their bookings, reduce risk and retain revenue."

Quendoo services have no set-up fees or subscriptions, and charges for the booking engine are 1.95% per booking. Onboarding for clients is said to be "simple" and "fast".

For tour operators seeking in-season access, Quendoo B2B provides a marketplace where hotels can publicise specific rates to tour operators and travel agents, who can subsequently make bookings or display live B2B prices on their own channels, in real-time API integration. 

Quendoo is now the leading provider of real-time prices and availability in Bulgaria, a market to which more than 600,000 Brits travel annually.

The European company has already raised over £1.5 million in venture capital funding, which has seen its monthly transactions grow from zero to £6m in 18 months, alongside 30,000 hotel rooms from more than 300 hotels onboarded.

Gorian Varbanov, co-founder of Quendoo, said: “The travel tech industry is fragmented, with the industry as a whole slow at adopting new technologies. 

"There is no reason why hotels of all sizes cannot employ revenue management in much the same way as airlines do.

“We build programmes that work for customers in many areas of the travel business, with superior design and an easy operator experience."

He added: "We are constantly developing, adding tools and functionalities to our offering on a flexible basis, based on our clients’ needs.”