PKFARE partners with Umetrip to expand its international hotel booking business

PKFARE partners with Umetrip to expand its international hotel booking business

Partnership is multi purpose

Travel marketplace PKFARE has announced a strategic partnership with leading Chinese app Umetrip, to serve as a technical partner, an international hotel supplier and a hotel connectivity platform.

The collaboration will facilitate Umetrip in expanding its new international hotel booking business and seizing opportunities in the accelerating outbound travel market recovery.

PKFARE defined project requirements, constructed business logic and customised API interfaces, as well as conducted hotel and room mapping. 

This joint effort resulted in a "dynamic" inventory management system for international hotels at Umetrip. 

The marketplace will function as the core supplier of international hotel content for Umetrip, offering a portfolio of nearly 650,000 hotels worldwide through one-stop API integration. 

It will also serve as a supply connectivity platform, ensuring a continuous expansion of Umetrip's international hotel content offerings.

"Our collaboration with PKFARE has greatly expedited the launch of our international hotel booking business, and the performance during the trial phase has exceeded our expectations," said Tengfei Zhang, head of Umetrip's hotel booking business. 

"We deeply appreciate the synergy of business expertise and technological capabilities amassed by PKFARE as a travel trade marketplace. 

"PKFARE's profound insights into critical elements and product logic throughout the business process were instrumental. 

"On this basis, they helped us refining business requirements, developing product logic, and achieving a swift launch of our international hotel booking business."

Umetrip's international hotel booking business has outperformed expectations since its launch, attributed to PKFARE's accumulation of massive upstream and downstream data and technological advantages as a travel trade marketplace. 

Its mapping logic and "continuous" updates and refines to its mapping algorithm are also said to have played a part in the performance.