RatePunk launches new app to market

RatePunk launches new app to market

The app launch is designed to answer its customers' needs

Money-saving browser extension with 140,000 users worldwise Ratepunk has launched its mobile app for iPhones. 

The subscription based tool has unveiled its app after listening to the needs of its users. 

It plans to launch an Android app at a later stage, next year. Ratepunk also plan to launch new hotel pages at the same time.

1 million new hotel pages will be available on both iPhone and Android. It will include additional metrics that other major OTAs don't include, such as automatic hotel Wi-Fi connectivity checks. 

It will also include safety ratings, and frequently updated prices of daily things like food, shops, and museums around the hotel for travelers to plan their budget. 

Justin Albertynas, CEO of RatePunk, said: “The fact that RatePunk was only available for hotel bookings made via desktop was often named as our biggest con by users. 

"Listening to our users’ needs is what we do at RatePunk, so I’m very excited to finally announce the launch of the RatePunk app.

"It will have everything that our extension has. Even more, actually!"

He added: “We created RatePunk to have an identical interface to all the major booking websites. Basically, the way travelers will book their hotels on RatePunk will be the same as before, just with way lower prices.