Mews survey reveals 80% of travellers prefer hotels with completely automated front desk

Mews survey reveals 80% of travellers prefer hotels with completely automated front desk

Guests also prefer self-service technology

A recent survey commissioned by hospitality cloud provider Mews, found that nearly 80% of travellers would be willing to stay at a hotel with a completely automated front desk or self-service kiosk, with more than 40% of them preferring to check in via a hotel’s website, app or digital kiosk.

The poll of 2,000 conducted by OnePoll, split evenly among travellers and hotel workers also found that hotel workers anticipate guests to use technology more during their travels, with a fourth expecting them to check in more frequently via a hotel website, app or digital kiosk compared to previous years.

Other key findings included travellers stated what a perfect hotel should include: in-room smart home devices (43%), keyless room entry (34%), mobile room entry (27%), and digital ordering (24%).

While a third (36%) admitted they have turned to AI for recommendations while booking travel.

When it comes to business travel, those traveling for work admit business trips open the door to other opportunities. 

According to the survey results found that nearly half (48%) of respondents have extended their work trips into holidays.

Hotel workers claimed guests traveling for work or blending work with vacations are the easiest to cater to, 83% and 76%, respectively.

Results indicated that hotel workers also anticipate guests will tip more (39%), extend their stay more frequently (38%), and use hotel amenities more (31%), and 79% said guests “always” or “often” ask for local recommendations.

“Trends in hospitality are ever-changing but we’re seeing indicators that people are prioritizing travel again," said Richard Valtr, founder of Mews. 

"While we’re seeing some softness in mid-market and select service hotels, the luxury sector seems resilient. 

"Guests visiting luxury properties are spending more on bucket list trips and staying for longer.

“We’re also seeing a continuous rise in people extending work trips for some added leisure time and blending work with vacations.

The most forward-thinking hotels are tapping into this trend by embracing personalised guest experiences and offering a variety of amenities that appeal to differing guest needs. More and more hotels are adopting technology that creates seamless experiences for their guests, no matter the reason for their trip.”

Ryan Krukar, VP sales & marketing of Gravity Haus, said: “Identifying and understanding a guest's needs before they arrive at one of our locations and going above and beyond for guests is key in delivering authentic hospitality and provides additional value and comfort while simultaneously immersing a guest in the unique culture of the destination they are visiting."

“Anticipating guests’ needs is a crucial component to providing exceptional customer service throughout their stay,” added Andrew Gauthier, general manager of The Incline Lodge. 

“By tracking individual attributes and preferences of new and returning guests, we can provide a truly curated experience for every guest that comes through our door. Technology also enables us to provide an easy and efficient contactless and self check-in process, so our staff can spend more of their time interacting with guests.”