Journey Mentor partners with Tappit on 5-year deal

Journey Mentor partners with Tappit on 5-year deal

Firms will work together to design features for Journey Mentor's customer experience and loyalty

Global payment, rewards and data ecosystem for travel, Tappit, and travel SaaS company, Journey Mentor, have announced a five-year partnership to design and deliver a data-driven loyalty and customer experience programme in which the firms will create proprietary solutions.

Under the terms of the partnership, Tappit’s white label technology will allow Journey Mentor customers to make purchases using their mobile phones, paying for their transactions quickly and efficiently - without the need for a physical wallet or cards. The data and insights around customer behaviour deliverable only via Tappit’s real-time data suite will give Journey Mentor unprecedented clarity of view. 

There will be a variety of features designed to increase revenues and customer loyalty, offered to Journey Mentor’s clients and their customers.

Features such as charge a wallet from a credit card in an approved currency and /or an IBAN transfer; hold a balance in various agreed currencies and transfer between currencies in a single user’s wallet; transfer an amount from a user’s wallet to the user’s credit card or IBAN account; and pay from a single/multiple currency (per the requirements of the user) in a wallet to a payment gateway and/or an IBAN account;

"We are delighted about our collaboration with Journey Mentor, leveraging their exceptional vision and world-class infrastructure," said Jon Romm, global chief executive officer of Tappit. 

"With the integration of Tappit's seamless payment and loyalty solution and the invaluable actionable data and insights it provides, Journey Mentor is poised to revolutionise its customer experience capabilities.

“This partnership promises an unrivalled visitor experience, ensuring each interaction is personalised and optimised."

He added: "Our combined efforts aim to establish a holistic solution that will be the start of a new era of customer satisfaction."

Paul Sies, CEO of Journey Mentor, said: “When selecting a partner to drive our loyalty platform, Tappit was the clear and strategic choice. 

"Among a competitive field, Tappit stood out as the sole entity capable of uplifting Journey Mentor's visionary digital strategy. 

"Our pursuit is to establish a foremost customer experience throughout our entire network, harmoniously interfacing with our extensive technological framework. 

"Leveraging the innovative hybrid cashless technology of Tappit alongside its invaluable analytical capabilities, we are poised to revolutionise the customer experience and set new benchmarks and re-create loyalty in our industry.”