Expian helps LaplandUK release 2024 tickets

Expian helps LaplandUK release 2024 tickets

Christmas has come early for LaplandUK visitors with a smooth booking process

Experience-centric ticketing platform Expian has announced it has supported LaplandUK through its busiest booking period. 

The festive family attraction in Berkshire expected more than 150,000 people to log on and book tickets when admissions opened at midday on Monday 18 March. 

Expian delivered a booking system that could support high volumes of sales in a short period.

Celebrity visits from the Beckhams, Tom Hardy, Rosie Huntington-Whitely and even the Prince and Princess of Wales, have fuelled further demand and pressure on the ticket sales system.

Expian streamlined the booking process, reduced wait times with its ticketing technology for the festive attraction. 

Customers were given the option to wait online with their browser window open or to leave their details so they could be emailed when they reached the front of the queue. 

If they selected the email option, they were given 25 minutes to complete purchases.

As well as booking platform, Expian also managed the through-put of the queue into the platform. 

When visitor volumes peaked on launch day, the system let in 1,050 users per minute allowing 8,750 users to select and purchase tickets concurrently. 

Within three hours, 95% of tickets had been sold.

Matt Battle, head of brand of LaplandUK, said: “We couldn’t be more thrilled to have delivered a smooth booking experience to the upcoming guests of 2024. 

"As popularity has soared in recent years, it has been a real challenge to keep up with this technically, however, the team at Expian delivered exactly what we have been striving for on launch day. 

"Monday’s booking experience was something we as a company can be proud of and it was wonderful to receive so many positive comments on social media praising the system. 

"With a great booking experience delivered and a sold-out show, our attention can now immediately return to making this the most magical year yet.”

Yiannis Maglaras, managing director of Expian, added: “We are delighted that our partnership with LaplandUK has delivered such a fantastic start to the season. 

"It is our job to preserve the magic, keep the system functioning and serve as many people as quickly as possible so they can secure their visit for this Christmas.”

As well as edit bookings and tailor bookings functionality, the Expian team has also developed a bespoke flow reporting tool for the attraction to monitor the movement of its visitors.