City of Tokyo to launch interactive Metaverse tourism platform

City of Tokyo to launch interactive Metaverse tourism platform

Users can experience augmented reality technology alongside the real city

This month, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government (TMG) will launch “HELLO! TOKYO FRIENDS,” a new domestic and international promotion using the metaverse and augmented reality technology to show Tokyo’s appeal as a tourist-friendly city and increase the number of Tokyo fans.

The launch of “HELLO! TOKYO FRIENDS” will provide users with an interactive platform where they can use virtual online spaces to expand their circle of friends while enjoying tourist activities through games and AR photography in both the metaverse and the real city of Tokyo itself. 

The metaverse worlds include sections such as “Modern Area” and “Game Area”, based on iconic spots from Tokyo’s cityscape. It will be developed in Roblox, a leading immersive platform.

As part of the opening event, collaborative items featuring Tokyo tourism ambassadors will be given away for a limited time. 

Ambassadors include Hololive Production’s Vtubers - YouTubers that use an avatar - Sakura Miko, Mori Calliope and Gawr Gura. 

By completing special quests in the metaverse, users can receive a “hololive friend with u” virtual plush toy that can be attached to their avatar.