SAP Concur users to see emission levels of bookings

SAP Concur users to see emission levels of bookings

Thrust Carbon data integrated into business travel platform

Users of SAP Concur will be able to consider the environmental impact of their travel choices after a new integration that shows the emissions data of trips.

Greeenhouse gas emissions data from Thrust Carbon will be visible in the booking platform for each flight segment, as well as rail and car options.

Users can browse hotel providers by emissions, certifications, and sustainability scores.

A recent SAP Concur report found that 98% of travel managers anticipate company travel policy changes to be influenced by internal and external sustainability goals while 38% said that lagging data and analytics hinder their ability to report on the company’s travel emissions.

The 2023 Global Business Travel Managers Report also found travel managers are operating under ‘growing pressure for transparency’ as they face ‘evolving industry regulations and increasing demand’ to minimise the environmental impact of corporate travel.

Separately, 65% of Global Business Travel Association (GBTA) members say quantifying emission reduction opportunities is the most challenging aspect of addressing sustainability.

Mark Corbett, co-founders of Thrust Carbon, said: “Travel buyers simply cannot deliver emissions compliance if they cannot show the traveller their emissions.

“This integration makes that possible for an overwhelming majority of the market without resorting to third-party workarounds.”

Felow co-founder Kit Aspen added: “This partnership will usher in a new standard for quality and accessibility of emissions data at point of search.

“The more accessible the data, the better the travel decisions, and the more comprehensive the reporting.”