Abta and Deloitte team up to launch travel industry guidebook on climate change

Abta and Deloitte team up to launch travel industry guidebook on climate change

The guide to decarbonisation of the travel sector was unveiled this week at the annual Abta Travel Convention in Morocco

Abta and professional services group Deloitte launched an industry guide to action on decarbonisation at the Travel Convention on Tuesday.

The Climate Action Guidebook outlines how travel and tourism businesses can be made more sustainable.

Abta senior sustainability manager Carol Rose unveiled the Guidebook and Deloitte lead partner for travel and aviation Alistair Pritchard outlined its contents.

Rose told the Convention in Marrakech: “The effects of climate change are plain to see. Urgent action is required by all sectors.

“We’re not saying decarbonisation is easy for our sector but it’s essential. The Guidebook looks at practical steps the industry needs to take.”

Pritchard said the guide was the culmination of 18 months’ work by Abta and Deloitte and drew on a “greenhouse lab” held in May with “a number of industry chief executives and sustainability experts”.

He noted: “It’s a challenging time for the industry but we have to build back in a more sustainable way.

“Investors and shareholders are increasingly focused on how sustainable a business is. The people who work for you will want to know your business is sustainable and increasingly we see customers talking about this.

“We’ve tried to create a guidebook that will build your knowledge.”

It covers current carbon reporting requirements, how to identify and quantify risks, how to address direct and indirect carbon emissions and how to measure supply chain emissions.

Pritchard insisted: “Travel is a wide eco-system and collaboration with other businesses is essential. Progress requires you take micro steps now. Not doing anything because the technology solutions are not here is not the right answer.”

He urged Convention attendees: “Go away and digest the Guidebook. Think about the differences you can make with your business and help on the decarbonisation journey.”

The Climate Action Guidebook is available to download from the Abta site and from Deloitte.