SITA unveils Launchpad partner programme to focus on four key areas for growth

SITA unveils Launchpad partner programme to focus on four key areas for growth

The aviation sector IT specialist aims to respond to 'changing demands of air travel today' to help the industry adapt

Tech developer for the aviation sector SITA has launched a new partnership programme for third party solutions providers.

Launchpad has identified four strategic areas it will seek to work with partner on: 

  • Digital identities; 
  • Advanced analytics and data management;
  • Security and safety at airports;
  • Sustainable alternative energy sources.

SITA said these are a “response to the changing demands of air travel today and where SITA has already made notable strides in innovation and development”. 

The firm said: “Over the past two years, airlines and airports have faced significant challenges and changing passenger behaviours, requiring the industry to adapt how it operates. 

“Surging fuel prices and volatility have increased sharply while passengers demand the same digital experience when traveling that dominates every aspect of their everyday life. 

To meet this demand, SITA is accelerating its investment in new solutions that deliver smarter ways of working using existing and new technologies. 

“At the same time, SITA is looking to collaborate with partners inside and outside the air transport industry to complement SITA's expertise, drive innovation, or trial new sustainable solutions within their operations.” 

David Lavorel, chief executive of SITA, said: "We are committed to enabling the growth of the air transport industry through smart technology and solutions. 

“We have looked carefully at the market and identified key areas where we can have a significant impact and help our customers work smarter. 

“We have a strong investment and innovation program to support these areas which are central to the growth of SITA.

“To accelerate this program, we are inviting new partners working in these four areas to join us so we can reshape the air travel industry together."