Neilson Beach Clubs reveals its 2024 industry trends

Neilson Beach Clubs reveals its 2024 industry trends

2024 travel trends are unveiled, with active holidays surging in popularity

Neilson Beach Clubs, a leading authority in the travel industry, is today releasing its annual travel report, offering a deep dive into the emerging trends shaping the world of travel and adventure in 2024.

The report provides insights for both industry professionals and travellers seeking to stay “ahead of the curve”.

Neilson Beach Clubs report aims to “guide travellers towards unforgettable experiences abroad”.

The report revealed its number one trend for this year will be active holidays, which is gaining momentum in 2024, as it has seen a surge in popularity in them.

“Active sporting holidays are not just a here-and-now theme in the travel industry; they represent a shift towards holistic well-being and a desire from travellers for more meaningful experiences,” said David Taylor, CEO of Neilson Beach Clubs.

“Travellers in 2024 are seeking experiences that go beyond what they’ve previously known, and active holidays align perfectly with this aspiration.

“They provide an opportunity to connect with nature, challenge personal limits and incorporate new athletic habits into one’s lifestyle.

“The blend of adventure and activity appeals to a wide range of individuals looking for a break from the mundane.”

Fred Sirieix, good energy officer of Neilson Beach Clubs, said: “The adrenaline rush and sense of accomplishment that come with engaging in sporting activities while exploring new destinations make Neilson Active Holidays even more appealing.

“And, if you can pay one price to experience it all, why wouldn’t you?” he said.

The report unpacks the other major trends it found. Predicted to boom in 2024, ‘Sportcation’ involves a vacation where guests participate in shore or water-based activities to learn a new skill.

Nearly two thirds (65%) of Brits believe it’s important to have a range of activities on offer when on holiday to match passions of all generations, with 36% of people say they would rather go on an activity filled holiday in 2024 than simply relax and half of those believe it’s important to learn new skills as you get older.

The activity deemed best for a “Good Energy” vibe was found to be water skiing, wakeboarding and wakesurfing, which had 95% positive reviews, closely followed by, mountain biking at 93%, paddleboarding at 91% and fitness classes at 89%.

This trend is reflective of Neilson Beach Club year-on-year growth, with 7 out of 10 guests returning to relive their experience again.

It found that 2024 will also see the rise of active holidaymakers booking next year’s trip within one week of returning home.

Booking data from Neilson Beach Clubs revealed over a third (34%) of Brits would book a holiday as soon as they return from their last one, with 38% saying that decision is due to them having something to look forward to.

Neilson Beach Clubs has identified a new type of holiday goer which find relaxation in being active, after seeing an increase in 2023 to 91% (a 4% increase) of holidaymakers participating in a combination of different activities while on a summer holiday in 2023.

Results from the report found that 35% feel the need to be active on their holidays as they can’t fully relax when they are sunbathing - inspiring the ‘relative break’ trend.

Neilson Beach Clubs saw an 11% rise in guests taking part in fitness classes, with 24-34 year olds found to be the most likely participants (28%).

It found that boomerang tourism will be big in 2024, speaking to the shift in more millennial adult kids re-joining their parents for holidays abroad.

According to the Office for National Statistics, the UK is seeing a surge in ‘boomerang kids’, as the number of young adults unable to afford their own home thus moving back in with their parents, increases.

Over 41% of Brits aged 18-34 would join their parents on holiday, if offered but only if they were happy to pick up the whole bill (57%).

Others would go away with their folks to make memories for life (57%) to spend quality time with them (73%), according to the OnePoll figures.

Meanwhile the rise of solo travellers holidaying alone, seeking group activities has risen.

More than half (52%) of Brits say they would consider going on holiday by themselves.

For 57% this is so they can do whatever they want and to meet new people (28%).

The final trend for 2024 is multi-generational holidaymakers taking trips on e-bikes more and more.

In 2023, Neilson Beach Clubs brought its first ever fleet of electric bikes for its Beach Clubs, making cycling a more accessible activity for all.