introduces Tripgenie AI assistant for intuitive travel planning and booking introduces Tripgenie AI assistant for intuitive travel planning and booking

The tool is able to answer user questions and give curated responses has announced TripGenie, an AI assistant incorporated into its mobile app, designed to streamline travel planning and booking.

Leveraging large language model technologies, TripGenie covers all aspects of travel, from detailed itinerary crafting to immediate bookings.

The tech responds to text and voice commands, shows images and links and directs users to relevant results, with the aim to save travellers time and effort. launched an enhanced version of its AI travel assistant, previously known as TripGen, which excels at deciphering complex user requests, leading to results and storing text itinerary responses for future refinement. The assistant offers a new layer of app interaction through a unique floating AI icon, and supports communication via voice and text input.

Amy Wei, senior product director at and product owner of TripGenie explains, “With the power of large language models, TripGenie interprets user text or voice inputs, extracts key information, and responds with rich text, images, or navigates to related pages.” has developed high-quality travel ranking content such as Trip.Deals, Trip.Best, and Trip.Trends for hotels, flights, and itineraries. These are integrated into TripGenie to enhance the quality of responses.

Laborious input and filtering are becoming things of the past, making travel planning and booking as simple as a chat conversation.

“With the immense potential of our generative AI technology, we’re revolutionising the way we explore the world and shaping the future of travel for everyone,” said Schubert Lou, COO,

“Since the beginning, we’re driven to empower travellers with seamless and accessible experiences, through persistent innovation and a relentless focus on user-centric solutions. Our goal is to simplify and personalise the travel experience, making it as enjoyable and effortless as possible for our users.”