New luxury travel and hospitality agency MONOGRAM launches

New luxury travel and hospitality agency MONOGRAM launches

The boutique agency, headquartered in Las Vegas, will serve clients across the globe

THE HARKEY GROUP, a collection of specialised marketing agencies, has launched a new boutique agency called MONOGRAM as a premier marketing firm for hospitality, gaming, resort, real estate, entertainment and food and beverage companies. 

The new agency, which is headquartered in Las Vegas, will offer specialised services with a singular focus in the leisure, luxury, travel and hospitality categories. 

It's core capabilities include strategy, branding, advertising, design and media management, and the agency’s ultimate goal is to provide its clients with "focused resources to bring greater value, agility and measurable results".

The launch comes at a pivotal time, as more brands turn to specialised agencies to be their masters of one.

John Schadler will serve as executive director of MONOGRAM. He has more than three decades leading most successful marketing campaigns in the hospitality world.

He's led efforts behind memorable campaigns and brand launches for the Mirage, Treasure Island and Bellagio hotels in Las Vegas.

He said: “As evidenced by our notable work for all of our clients in travel and hospitality, we have a deep understanding of the space. We are not a jack-of-all-trades, but rather a master of one.

"MONOGRAM exists to appeal to brand experts in the industry with a precision of purpose,” said Schadler. 

Scott Harkey, CEO of THE HARKEY GROUP, said: “The MONOGRAM team has created top-tier work in travel and hospitality for years. 

"Carving out a space for them to expand upon their remarkable skills is a huge step for our organization. We’re excited to add their expertise to THE HARKEY GROUP’s wheelhouse and further elevate them."

While MONOGRAM is its own entity within THE HARKEY GROUP, the agency will be able to tap into the holding company’s resources to ensure it produces best-in-class work. 

It will look to build upon its current client roster of brands including Wynn Resorts, Virgin Hotels and Station Casinos, among others.