JetBlue sees success with automated COVID-19 vaccination status validation

JetBlue sees success with automated COVID-19 vaccination status validation

The US carrier worked with communications technology specialist 15below on the system that has cut queues and delays and allowed online check-in to be restored

An automated process to validate COVID-19 vaccination status after rules imposed by the US government has cut delays and enabled online check-in to be restored.

The carrier has worked with automated communications specialist 15 below to automate and digitalise the collection of customer data.

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has ordered all airlines carrying passengers internationally into the US to collect an attestation as proof of being fully vaccinated against, or having recovered from, COVID-19.  

Since its introduction, there have been numerous updates to the CDC’s mandate, including the collection of contact tracing data.

This requires a five-page pdf document to be completed and printed by every applicable passenger and validated by airport staff at check-in.  

JetBlue said collecting these forms at the airport and having to physically store them for two years for auditing requirements was causing huge delays and significant costs.  

The 15below microsite can be accessed via three methods which are fully compliant with the CDC’s order. 

It is available in multiple languages, automatically updates bookings to verify the attestation has been collected and is stored on a 15below-hosted server allowing quick access to the data, which can be provided to the CDC within 24 hours if requested. 

Within one week of going live, JetBlue saw 70% of all attestations completed via the microsite, significantly easing queues at the airport. 

Now, six months later, 100% of attestation and contact tracing data is collected via this online process and automated/online check-in has been restored. 

Carol Clement, JetBlue chief digital and technology officer, said: “Seeing the improvement in the airport experience at our international airports has confirmed to us that this was without a doubt the right thing to do for the well-being of our customers and our crewmembers, in addition to our environment by removing the need for paper.”  

Nicholas Key, chief executive of 15below, added: “Since our partnership began in 2008, we’ve loved working with JetBlue because they’re so innovative and put the customer at the heart of everything they do. 

“It’s vital that airlines create operational efficiencies that provide an optimal experience for both customers and staff and this project with JetBlue is the perfect example of how that works in practice.”