Guest Post: Top hospitality tech advancements transforming the industry in 2024

Guest Post: Top hospitality tech advancements transforming the industry in 2024

Patryk Luszcz, regional director of Profitroom, dissects the important factors at play this year

The landscape of the hospitality industry is ever-changing, and is being propelled forward by the innovative power of Generative AI and other major tech advancements. 

Recent technological breakthroughs have not only opened up avenues for a more streamlined workforce, but have also empowered hoteliers to craft bespoke customer experiences like never before.

To understand how tech can enhance hotel operations, these are the industry-transforming tech advancements for 2024:

Generative AI

Easy to implement, generative AI is a game-changer for hoteliers. 

Adept in building email marketing strategies, AI enables hoteliers to create professional campaigns in just a few minutes, saving hoteliers hundreds of hours a year. Ideal for pushing limited-time deals, new facilities and rooms, hotels can create targeted and personalised campaigns to drive direct bookings and retain guest loyalty. 

AI needs to be a central part of any hotelier's operations due to its ability to free up staff from routine tasks to prioritise in-person guest experience, creativity, and original thinking.

AI chatbots and virtual assistants can also aid guest-interactions, such as routine customer queries, reservations, and check-ins to consistently deliver customer service across all online touchpoints.

Tailored Website Builds

Profitroom data has revealed a significant and sustained growth in the booking window, reaching a three-year high of 41.5 days in the past year, indicating a trend of travellers increasingly opting for advanced bookings.

To capitalise on these early bookings, it's crucial to not only have a website that is visually appealing, but one that is crafted to showcase hotels at their absolute best. This is particularly crucial for hotels and resorts with unique offerings.

Bespoke websites built to highlight specific accommodation options and facilities enable guests to easily navigate through hotels’ offerings to provide unrivalled choice. It also encourages guests to increase their booking value with room upgrades, packages and extras.

Investing in the right tech build for unique hotel websites with seamless experiences and tailored offerings is key tech strategy to improving the guests journey and hotelier’s revenue. 

Everyday Automation

Automation is revolutionising the hospitality industry, streamlining operations and enhancing guest experiences. 

This shift is evident in areas like dynamic remarketing, where technology is able to seamlessly integrate targeted deals without the need for manual intervention. 

For instance, recognising guests booking two-person weekend stays over Valentine’s day are more likely to be receptive to targeted romantic getaways deals or even family bookings targeted with ‘kids eat free’ deals.

Sustainable Tech

While 40% of travellers are looking for sustainable hotels, investing in sustainable tech advancements is key to standing out from the competition in 2024.

Cutting-edge technological solutions now have the capability to significantly minimise a hotel's environmental footprint. This is achieved by addressing issues such as wasted energy and water, effectively managing energy consumption and introducing new approaches to carbon capture and storage.

With rising energy costs, addressing wasted energy not only aids hoteliers cash flows but also ensures that operations are as efficient as possible.


Robust guest loyalty is dependent on personalisation and positive guest experiences, and now thanks to technological advancements, hoteliers can now provide a top-notch customer experience throughout the entire booking journey.

Allowing guests to independently manage their bookings by easily adjusting dates, packages, and room choice, not only allows guests to tailor their perfect stay without direct staff involvement, but also contributes to increased booking values.

Seamless navigation systems mean guests can easily create special moments by adding champagne to the room, or booking a star-gazing experience with minimal clicks for a hassle-free and personalised experience.