Spotnana launches travel management platform for meetings and events

Spotnana launches travel management platform for meetings and events

It's available as an add on or a standalone product

Travel-as-a-Service platform Spotnana has announced the release of its new product offering, Spotnana Events.

This new product will allow employees and guests to book and manage their own travel for meetings and events with an unlimited number of attendees.

It is available to companies as both as an add-on and a standalone product that can be purchased via Spotnana or channel partners.

Its API-first architecture enables channel partners to white-label, embed, and integrate event booking into their offerings.

Spotnana Events harnesses all of Spotnana’s core capabilities, including its direct NDC integrations with major airlines.

The new platform will simplify event creation, with specific travel policies and event travel windows as well as make it easier to add employees or invited guest travellers.

It will enable players to send customised emails and send automated reminders to those about travel arrangements and allow users to self-service book, manage and cancel travel arrangements without an agent.

It will also provide real-time insights including access to real-time data to monitor booking status for invitees and travel spend.

Deployment is managed through a single, cloud-based software which means fast global rollouts are possible.

“Spotnana Events represents the next step in our journey to modernize the infrastructure of the travel industry and power a new generation of experiences for corporate and leisure travelers around the world,” said Sarosh Waghmar, founder and CEO of Spotnana.

“Our entire Travel-as-a-Service platform and everything we build on top of it is designed to be open and available to everyone in the travel ecosystem.”