Big Interview: Key takeaways from the Travolution Start-up and Innovation Summit 2023

Big Interview: Key takeaways from the Travolution Start-up and Innovation Summit 2023

Lucy England and Bryan Shaw share their thoughts on it

As two months post event fast approaches, we sat down with a couple of the expert speakers and judges of the Travolution Start-up and Innovation Summit, Lucy England, partner of Fox Williams and Bryan Shaw, partner of Fox Williams, to find out why it's an important event to set time aside for in the year.

What are your top takeaways from the event?

We’re always pleasantly surprised by how much innovation there genuinely is, and continues to be, in the travel industry. Just when you think there couldn’t be any new ideas, along comes another solution for different travel businesses or travellers, that no-one has thought of yet. 

What were your personal highlights?

Our highlights were definitely hearing the pitches and seeing how passionate the founders are about their businesses. It really inspires us to do the best job for our clients from a legal perspective to give them the best chance to flourish commercially.

What did you learn from the event?

The biggest thing we learnt is that the industry doesn’t stand still and technology and industry developments mean there is always a new angle to look at.

What was the best connection you made on the day?

We spoke to a lot of great people; entrepreneurs, fellow advisers, and entrepreneurs who have gone on to become advisers. We work with some of them already and it created some new opportunities for us too. 

Why does Fox Williams sponsor an event like this and what does an event like this provide for the industry? 

Travel and travel tech is exactly where our expertise lies so seeing the pitches and talking to people in the industry, both other advisers and the businesses themselves, helps us understand where the market is going and what our clients need from us. Travolution is a great platform we love getting out there and meeting the community that events like the summit provide.