Customers put on red alert over UK traffic lights system phishing emails

Customers put on red alert over UK traffic lights system phishing emails

French firm Vade says cyber scammers are preying on people’s COVID concerns

Cybersecurity specialist Vade has issued a warning about an increase in phishing emails from scammer taking advantage of the UK’s traffic light travel system.

Confusion over the meaning of the green, amber, red designation for destinations is widespread as travel tentatively opens up and bookings increase.

French cyber specialist Vade says emails are being sent to unsuspecting customers that encourage them to download malicious files or visit dangerous websites.

The firm reported a spike in phishing activity at the end of March and beginning of April, with scammers using false emails about holidays and various music, food and wildlife festivals.

It added some of the scam emails related to the traffic light system which reflects which countries British tourists are allowed to visit. Other used false promises of Covid tests or fake warnings about travel insurance policies expiring.

Adrien Gendre, chief product officer and co-founder of Vade, said: “Phishers often prey on victim’s concerns or preoccupations.

“For instance, we’ve seen scammers use fake Covid ‘cures’ or false vaccines offers to mislead people into clicking on dangerous sites or downloading files.

“Tourists and holidaymakers may be worried about coronavirus tests or nervous that their trips will be cancelled. Cyber-criminals know this and are looking to target people using phishing emails.

“When you receive an email, make sure you know who the sender is because one careless click is all it takes to fall victim to a phishing scam.”

Some of the subject lines of the phishing emails picked up by Vade include:

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