Chain4Travel launches blockchain technology network

Chain4Travel launches blockchain technology network

The software company has launched Camino Network, a new operating system for the global travel industry

Chain4Travel has announced the launch of Camino, a network based on blockchain technology specifically designed for the global travel industry.

The operating system is available to design and implement new service approaches for the travel industry using the capabilities of the next generation internet

The Camino Network is freely accessible to travel companies and technology providers, with more than 120 international travel businesses signed up and the first major travel companies already live on the network. 

Ralf Usbeck, chief executive of Chain4Travel, explained, "The launch of the Camino Network is a key milestone for the global travel industry. The opportunities presented by blockchain technology will enable new service approaches that were previously unthinkable. We are thrilled that so many well-known companies are already on board as validators and look forward to shaping the future of the travel industry together with them."

Based on blockchain technology, new possibilities for personalisation, interactions, and exchange of products, services, and information are enabled for both B2B and B2C, as well as transactions between travellers with each other.

All travel stakeholders can exchange services and information using the simplified processes. The first applications built upon Camino, by various travel companies, will include a trading platform for travel products, services and vouchers, an online travel portal, and an application for simplified sharing of microservices with hotel guests, plus more.

The first phase of the network included companies such as FTI Group, Peakwork, Schauinsland Reisen and TUI.

While phase two includes a further security layer in the form of live testing, where the network will be tested again under real conditions with these selected partners. Hexens have successfully completed the security audit and certified Camino as having a solid security standard.

Phase three will see more partners go live on the network.