Bedsonline credits tech solutions for the trade with 100% uplift on pre-pandemic sales

Bedsonline credits tech solutions for the trade with 100% uplift on pre-pandemic sales

Booking engine, marketing, and self-service tools have been introduced to help agent partners work more efficiently and effectively

Hotelbed’s trade wholesaler Bedsonline has credited technology developed for agent partners with a more than doubling of gross sales in the UK on pre-pandemic levels.

The firm reported demand “stronger than ever” in the core European market having recorded a 114% increase in gross sales in its 2022 financial year compared 2019.

Bedsonline said its proprietary algorithm helps its booking engine to find the most relevant properties based on clients’ criteria from its portfolio of 300,000 hotels.

The booking engine also offers filters so agents can focus on certain board or room types or attributes like free or partial cancellation and refundable or non-refundable rates.

And travel professionals can also use the too to add ancillary products such as car rental and tickets and attractions. 

Another feature Bedsonline has developed is the ability for agents to add a customised fee for their service so that they are recompensed for their work.

In addition, The Compass marketing trends platform supports users to adapt their product offer to demand in real-time.

A Flyer Creator tool in The Compass suite, enables agents to create their own marketing material showcasing up to eight hotel options to send to clients.

And a SelfSeT toolkit has been developed to save travel agents time by allowing them to manage and modify bookings at their own convenience. 

This allows them to make special requests at any time, add or removing room nights, and allows flexible cancellations.

Bertrand Sava, general manager for retail at Hotelbeds, said: “We are constantly working to enhance our clients experience through our booking engine. 

“Is with that in mind, and to ensure advisors are compensated fairly for their efforts, that we've given control to advisors to add a customised fee, adjustable to a maximum of $999.99, to their bookings.  

“The fee is applicable on a quote-by-quote basis, or to all future bookings at the click of a button and doesn’t just enable advisors to boost their income: it allows them to tailor the customer experience as appropriate.”

Sava added Bedsonline aimed to make The Compass Flyer Creator tool “very simple and easy to use”. 

“In under five minutes, advisors can craft attractive marketing materials complete with their own branding, unique disclaimers and up to eight hotels before saving the flyer, and sending it to the clients from within the tool itself," he said.

Bedsonline said in developing its technology it took account of the needs of its partners to manage growing demand for this summer.

The firm said: “Bedsonline booking engine speaks to their understanding of market requirements, as well as their command of technology.”