New Frontiers encourages travel apprenticeships

Travel recruitment specialist New Frontiers has partnered with a government scheme aimed at helping young people aged 18 to 24 get a job.

Between now and June 2011 Backing Young Britian is designed to give 20,000 jobseekers the chance to gain practical experience at a local company.

New Frontiers is hoping to encourage travel companies to offer unpaid internships for non graduates who are unemployed and receiving job seekers allowance.

The internships will last from 8 to 13 weeks with individuals working for at least 25 hours a week.

Participating companies do not pay a placement fee or a wage but should ideally provide travel and lunch allowances.

Morag Meldrum, New Frontiers marketing manager, said: “This initiative gives companies an opportunity to bring new talent on board who can potentially boost other employees, as well as being a extra pair of hands to assist busy teams or take on short term project work.

“Companies can opt for rolling internships, so as soon as one intern leaves, another starts or if they have been really impressed they may want offer the young person a permanent post.”

The Backing Young Britain team will collate and assess the responses so companies get the best candidates. They can also choose to meet the applicant before offering the opportunity.

New Frontiers is holding breakfast briefings every Wednesday morning.

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