WeRoad launches first out of home advertising campaign in the UK

WeRoad launches first out of home advertising campaign in the UK

The millennial solo group travel specialist has used content from customers to promote its adventure trip 

Solo group travel specialist WeRoad has launched its first ever out of home advertising campaign in the UK as it look at expand in markets throughout Europe.

The firm has used User Generated Content from customers (‘WeRoaders’) to promote its ‘once-in-a-lifetime adventures’ aimed at millennials.

The two-month campaign will take over more than 6,700 ad spaces in major cities like London, Rome, Milan, Madrid, Barcelona, and Paris.

WeRoad has developed two creatives for the campaign, one to launch the brand in newer markets and the other to increase brand awareness where it has an established presence.

In new markets like the UK and France the campaign focuses on meeting new friends while travelling with the strapline ‘Grab your backpack, we’ll bring new friends’. 

In established territories like Italy and Spain the message centres on specific adventures travellers can experience on trips, asking them: ‘Have you ever done…?’. 

In London more than 3,700 ads are live across the capital which is the largest host for its debut campaign. 

London Underground stations, tunnels and tube carriages, feature ads depicting group selfies taken on WeRoad adventures by customers

Iconic red London buses are also beig used to target rush hour commuters offering Brits ‘The rush without the hour’ and asking ‘Should I stay or should I go?’ 

Outside of London, the campaign will target commuters in Paris, Madrid, Barcelona and Rome via metro networks, bus shelters and city billboards.

Fabio Bin, chief marketing officer and co-founder of WeRoad, said: “2022 was a strong year for WeRoad, we entered the UK, followed by France and Germany towards the end of the year. And what better way to follow that up than an informal introduction – and reintroduction in some respects – as to who we are and what we do.

“Our debut in London is a huge milestone. With its diverse population and internationally recognisable public transport, we had to go all out and truly take over the city, getting in front of millennial travellers from all over the world.

“Being a community-driven travel brand, it was a no-brainer to use real group selfies captured by WeRoaders to highlight exactly who we are; a community of solo travellers who want to see the world while making new connections.”

Launch of the French and German offices alongside Italy, the UK and Spain means WeRoad now operates in all major European languages, facilitating expansion to other French and German speaking regions.